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Letter from the Abbess of the Holy Monastery


On Monday, the 13th of December 2010, no one from the sisterhood suspected the rage of fire that would break out, causing a deep wound in our blessed and peaceful life.

At the south wing of the monastic complex, at approximately 4.30 p.m., the sisterhood found the wooden roof alight with fire. We immediately rushed, exhausting every resource available to us, to put out the fire. At the risk of our own lives we saved the most precious items that we had preserved as a sacred heritage at this wing. A few seconds after the exit of the last sisters from the flames, this whole wing was committed to fire. The sight of this was only reminiscent of hell to our souls. In great grief, we supplicated Saint John the Forerunner to protect his Monastery from complete destruction.

His Eminence Metropolitan Theologos of Serres and Nigrita dynamically arrived with the authorities, exhibiting their support, and the first immediate priorities were laid out. The efforts of the firemen, which started in the late afternoon, continued with intensity and persistence for the next 24 hours and unceasing watch was kept over the following days; we were touched by the participation of the soldiers as well as that of many volunteers during this hardship that the monastery had and is still going through.

The age of the building accelerated the fire such that, in a very short time, a surface of 2,500 square meters (27,000 square feet) was covered with ashes and ruins, which are still giving off smoke from this immeasurable destruction. The areas where we lived and served were the fruits of 25 years of relentless, tireless efforts, struggles and inordinate sacrifices that took the sisterhood to reconstruct the monastery. The area of hospitality for the guests, the refectory, the guest quarters, the kitchen and the storage areas have burned to ashes without the possibility of re-establishment and operation at another wing of the monastery.

Firmly trusting in God, in Saint John the Forerunner and the Founders of the Monastery, we appeal with trust to the compassion of the Orthodox christians all over the world, as well as to the pilgrims and international scientists who have visited this Byzantine Monument with historic zeal, interest and respect.

We entreat and implore all of you for your love and support to financially assist the sisterhood, within the bounds of possibility, in the present and imminent struggle for the immediate reconstruction of the Monastery, its function under normal conditions and its unceasing ministry to the fellow man, especially in the hard times we are going through.

With fervent wishes and gratitude,

Abbess Fevronia and My Sisterhood in Christ

Accounts for economical help

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For economical assistance to the monastery, you can deposit into the following bank accounts:


Acc.Number: 571-002101-076305

ΙΒΑΝ: GR6001405710571002101076305



Acc. Number: 5257-035802-567

ΙΒΑΝ: GR7401722570005257035802567


Thank you for your support,

The sisterhood of  Timios Prodromos Monastery